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Занимаетесь ли разработкой для iOs?

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Core Animator
Year: 2015
Version: 1.0
Developer: Polished Play, LLC
Platform: Intel only
System Requirements: OS X 10.10
64-bit CPU
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: Core Animator дает простые визуальные инструменты для создания потрясающих анимаций.
Сосредоточтесь на создании самых лучших способов привлечь внимание к вашим приложениям, а мы позаботимся о коде Swift или Obj-C.
Ваши творения будут работать красиво используя родные базы Apple. Каждое приложение заслуживает анимации. Теперь это просто реализовать.
Если у вас есть, или вы хотели бы иметь анимацию в ваших приложениях, то Core Animator даст вам такую возможность, сохранив время и деньги.

English Description

Core Animator gives you simple visual tools to create stunning animations. You focus on the best ways to bring your apps to life and we'll take care of the Swift or Obj-C code for you.
Your creations will run beautifully using Apple's native frameworks. Every app deserves animation. Now, it’s simple to implement.
If you have, or would like to have, even a single animation in your app, Core Animator will save you time and money.
- Character rigs
- Tutorial / Instructions
- Animated Focus Points
- UI Elements
- Full Scenes / Books
- Subtle Animated enhancement to any app
- Translation
- Scale
- Rotation
- Opacity
- Image Sources
- Z-Order Position
- Linear
- Ease In
- Ease Out
- Ease In/Out
- Overshoot
- Anticipate
- Anticipate/Overshoot
- Drag an image in with an @2x suffix and we'll generate and manage the duplicate 1x asset for you
- KeyAll option has the ability to "lock down" your animation at a particular time to prevent accidental modifications
- Obj-C or Swift Code
- iOS or OS X code
- Clipping or UnBounded
- Image Management options
- Full Preview Pane of all animations that can run simultaneously to check for conflicts and/or desired behaviors
- Examples on creating animations along with integration documentation for Xcode projects.
Let Core Animator help you take your work to the next level. Core Animator makes it easy for anyone, like a designer, animator, illustrator, or even a novice to contribute greatly to your app’s production value. They don’t even need to know how to write a single line of code!
Core Animator is simply the easiest and best way to use native Core frameworks for the animations in you apps. Now a graphic designer or animator can work visually on animated elements and can hand it off to the developer who can get all the code exported in a clear and easily integrable manner. No more large, non-interactive video files or other workarounds. Native animations run rock solid and butter smooth on iOS devices or the Mac.


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